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About Sam Relationship Therapist Cape Town

Who is Samantha Adams, Your Relationship Therapist

I am a Qualified Relationship Therapist and Life Coach with a passion for helping people and impacting their lives in a positive and profound way. I provide the space for us to work together to explore the various challenges and joys that you may experience on this journey called life! Whether it be counselling or Life coaching, setting healthy and achievable goals or help with a specific area in your life.

I believe that change comes from within and that we cannot change that which we do not acknowledge. Change is a mental decision and a practical act, which goes hand in hand.

The way we think impacts our actions and our actions impact our destiny.

From a very young age I have gravitated towards helping people in need and listening deeply to the challenges that they experience, I believe in serving people and I believe that even if we play a small part in someone’s life it could have a huge impact and potentially change the course of their life

I have a lot of empathy, compassion and a deep understanding because of my own life experiences which include toxic relationships, trauma, and loss, I can relate to a lot of what people are going through and have experienced it first-hand. Life tends to throw us a curve ball when we least expect it, and it’s often more about how we react, learn or grow from our problems that is more important than the problem itself.

I look forward to being along side you in your journey.


I always sign a contract with my clients before we start so that they are fully aware and informed of the process.

Mutual respect

I believe in mutual respect. My clients and I are equal, my heart is to help and serve you.

Non-judgemental attitude

It is important for me that my clients do not feel judged in anyway. Every person deserves the opportunity to be heard and should have the safe space to be able to share their own opinion and beliefs.

Individual responsibility

It is not my responsibility or anyone else to save you or to change your circumstances. I am here to guide you and give you options and tools to use to be able to better yourself and to achieve your own insight. You remain the main person responsible for your own change.

Media and magazine articles

I am available to provide motivational talks to groups at events on topics like Relationships, Parenting and Women’s wellness. I have had the privilege of being invited to the Xpresso TV show as a guest, speaking on various topics which include Cheating in a Relationship, Affirmation and self-worth, Alcohol Addictions. I have also been a guest on Cape Town Tv for the youth, it is always such a humble and fun experience! Please check out the link (add link and photos)

I have also contributed to various magazine articles such as Club Magazine and Sarie. You can find these articles in the article section of my website.

Relationship Articles

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