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Relationship Therapist Cape Town

Relationship Therapist Cape Town

At Relationship Therapist Cape Town We specialize in relationship therapy of couples. Whether you require marriage counselling or relationship therapy, you have come to the right place. We provide counselling and therapy services to help you achieve the best relationship possible. In need of help with relationship problems? Do not hesitate, contact us now for Counselling or therapy with your relationship problem.

We are situated in Cape Town, South Africa. we are available to assist you in person. We are also available on most video platforms, be that Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or whatsapp Video. We are always ready and able to assist with any relationship crises you may experience.

Samantha Adams, Your Couples Therapist

Welcome to Relationship Therapist Cape Town, I am Samantha Adams , a certified Relationship Counsellor and Life Coach.

"I offer personalized attention and a safe space..."

I offer personalized attention and this means a safe and confidential space for you and your partner. Besides couples, families and children can also attend to raise their challenges, concerns and issues. I help clients to build healthy and fulfilling Relationships.

Relationship problems

The quality of your relationship can have a significant impact on your well being and it can effect your happiness, your successes and even your physical health, self confidence and self esteem.

It is so important for you as a human beings to feel loved, to feel appreciated and to feel like you are being heard. We all want that sense of belonging and to feel that we truly matter. If we struggle to cope in our Relationship with others we begin to feel isolated which can often lead to all sorts of negative emotions such as resentment, jealousy, anger and unforgiveness which can cause us great pain and unhappiness.

"negative emotions...can cause us great pain and unhappiness..."

It is important to resolve and work on our Relationships as a couple, family, individuals or even colleagues. Together through therapy we will work through the things that are affecting your Relationships and keeping you from having happy and fulfilled Relationships. These include The way in which you communicate, conflict solving, Relationship dynamics, how to express your needs and how to build closeness and support.

Relationship problems can cause a lot of stress and that is when therapy can help. A few common problems that a lot of couples face are: When the Relationship is dysfunctional and is near the end, Therapy can help to build confidence, courage and teach you how to set boundaries and help you to make an informed and possible choice which will have an effect on your future. The relationship is overall unhappy but still functions- Therapy can help you as a couple learn to communicate better and improve areas in your relationship to make the experience a happy and fulfilling one again.

Not being able to start a new relationship Is a very common problem, Therapy will help you boost your self confidence, self worth and give you the excitement for a possible happy future. Sex and Intimacy is a very important part of a romantic relationship and marriage. Therapy can help you learn each others needs and how to satisfy each other physically. Learning how to navigate your healing of your past hurts, insecurities that could also have a impact on how you are physically with your partner.

Insecurity, jealousy, unrealistic expectations, Therapy can help you heal from your past and deal with jealousy and unrealistic expectations that we put onto our partners.

Cheating in a relationship

Infidelity in a relationship is one of the most common reason for Relationship problems, Therapy can help you deal with the different emotions you are experiencing and facing with the Betrayal. There is so many emotions you could be experiencing during this trying and emotional time. Loss of Trust is one.

In loss of trust, you simply cannot trust your partner and constantly wonder what he or she is up to. You fear what is going to happen next and where your partner is. These thoughts have tremendous negative impact on your day to day activities. Your productivity suffers and your mind is just not on the important aspects in your life, as you struggle to grapple and come to terms with the uncertainty the whole situation has brought into your life.

"you simply cannot trust your partner and constantly wonder what he or she is up to."

You may further experience lack of forgiveness and find yourself unable or unwilling to forgive your partner for what they have done to you. Forgiveness is an interesting, yet complicated aspect to deal with in a relationship where cheating or betrayal has occurred. Forgiveness has its time and place in the grieving and healing cycle. There is however other important things that have to be addressed first before you deal with this important phase. You may experience anger as a result of the infidelity and have a hard time dealing with your partner without becoming really angry and upset. This is very normal in this process, and I will help you cope with the anger by giving you tools on how to deal with it.

Therapy also helps you break the cycle of toxic and unhealthy relationships, which keeps you trapped and disconnected from your partner and always in conflict. Through Therapy you will also learn new ways to communicate with your partner, communication is a very important aspect of your relationship it is the way in which you connect.

Therapy is not only for when your Relationship is in crisis, it is important to work on our relationships and keep it alive and exciting, every couple experiences good times and bad times, it is about how we react and deal with things during these times. And also how we can improve on ourselves which in turn will have an impact on our relationships…We need to be happy within ourselves first before we can add happiness to one another….

How does Therapy work

The fact that you have come to this website is a good thing. You have decided to seek help. If you have made this decision after speaking with your partner and the decision was jointly made, it was because you both decided to stay together.

In doing so as a couple you are taking the opportunity to experience healing and make positive change. You have realized that making an investment in your relationship now will help you to restore things now so that you can have a long-term benefit and have a happy and fulfilled relationship for many years to come.

Therapy helps you to see that what you are going through Is actually very common and every couple experience things that they need to work on or improve on together.

How we conduct the therapy is a flexible process. In general if a couple comes to see me then In the first session, I will see you and your partner together so that we can establish what we need to focus and work on together. The second session you and your partner will see me individually so that we can discuss individually any concerns or personal things from the past that you would like to concentrate on. Thereafter we will continue our sessions together and discuss the way forward.

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